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Ygeia Consulting Group understands that the clients need an answer according to the level of their requirements.

That is why we focus on providing an excellent service that meets their needs.

Being a multidisciplinary group, the divisions that comprise it provide a set of management, marketing, cost projection-related solutions and spending at entities that belong to the health system both public and private.

Actuarial Division

The Actuarial Division of YCG focuses mainly on the dynamic balance between income and future commitments. In pursuit of this, we work on the population analysis and consumption of health services of the client, in order to adjust their income, constitute specific reservations, identify needs of improvement in the management of the expenditure or achieve greater efficiency in the investment of available resources.

Providers of health services and HMOs in general:

Definition of the income equation
According to biometric and geographical analysis of the population and its consumption profile, we determine the definition of the required income equation and work on the better pricing systems to apply, considering the characteristics of the coverage provided. We help to define objectives and allocation of resources.

Coverage of risks
Based on the risk inherent in the population covered, the contingencies to be covered and their probability of occurrence, we value the current amounts necessary to meet future commitments related to specific diseases, risks and others.

Constitution of specific reservations
A partir del riesgo inherente a la población cubierta, las contingencias a cubrir y su probabilidad de ocurrencia, se valúan los montos actuales necesarios para hacer frente a compromisos futuros relacionados con enfermedades puntuales, grupos de riesgo, etc.

Development of databases
Development of the conditions for the development of databases for aspects related with utilization rates (frequency, duration, variability and unit cost of benefits).

Simulations of costs
Simulator of medical costs and cost estimator for HMOs\' corporate portfolios.

Feasibility analysis
Studies of feasibility and costing of performance projects.

Development of models of costs and rates
Development of models of valuation of "costs" and "rates" in global medical coverage plans, hiring Individually (family) or collectively by company, in response to conditions: age, sex, pre-existing diseases, types of benefits, times of shortages/delays, level of co-payments and/or refunds, and other elements.

Development of models of valuation of "costs" and "rates" in specific medical coverage plans (e.g.: organ transplants, dialysis Chronicles, HIV, drug addiction, hospitalization, hospitalization in intensive therapy, hemophilia, etc.). Valuation and conditions of capitation agreements and modules.

Medical Division

This business unit provides consulting services and advice on issues related to health services. Our expertise guarantees the solution to each of the needs raised by our clients being social, prepaid and health service providers in general, since we have competition and innovation in the design of instruments for the creation of value in the administration of health services. Our mission is to achieve a service customer-oriented, based on good practice, the best scientific evidence and professional and social ethics.

Main services

Health services management
Design of boards of medical indicators of quality, utilization and consumption, of prescriptive diagnostic and treatment, behavior drugs prescription and query satisfaction indicators of beneficiaries and providers, epidemiological results and clinical outcomes indicators.

Drop in medical spending
Starting at the monitoring to the indicators you can schedule different strategies to reduce such expenditure depending on what area the offsets of the budget (inpatient or outpatient, pharmacy, HCLI, prosthesis, disability) occur.

Reengineering of areas
Tending to identify improvements and solutions in order to achieve the integration of the tasks between the areas involved in the processes, define a functional division and an adequate structure thereby achieving efficiencies in the different steps.

Profile of demand
In order to evaluate the profile of consumption of services of the affiliated members of large corporate accounts, apply the monitoring newspaper as a tool for analysis and help manage.

Articles of medical interest
Development and distribution of medical interest for the client population in general are offered.

Management of medicines
High cost lower incidence (HCLI) drugs, insulins, distribution twice a year by calculating dose treatment.

Special programs
Management. Disease management, DBT, obesity, gynecological cancers, among others.

Medication and HCLI manuals
Probability of incurrence by pathology. The manuals are designed for different areas to evaluate the utility of each drug, indications, costs and evidence for or against its use according to the pathology.

Medical advice for lawyers

Case management

Division Marketing - Product

YCG Marketing Division offers analysis and strategic advice on the commercial, business and operational performance based health services.

Strategic analysis of market
To define the marketing strategy, the company must do so at two levels. The first corresponds to their immediate environment (microenvironment) that is shaping its competitors and intermediaries, along with customers. By managing four marketing variables, the enterprise may modulate its position on each of them. In other words, in part, the behavior of these agents depends on the company.

On a second level (the macro) the company will find that their skills are not sufficient to model the behavior of macroeconomic variables of the economy or social system operation, and neither of the political and socio-cultural environments, which shall be to her uncontrollable variables. It is therefore key that the company knows the market structure facing, if a regulated market or not concentrated or not, etc.

Pricing policies
The power management policies establish solid pricing, the company provides tools for effective negotiation. In recent years, corporate pools have been subject to analysis and monitoring due to wage increases and breaks pools generated by employees who are excess contributions. Therefore, it YCG, provides the tools to achieve strategic equation of cost / benefit that allows retain existing pools.

Optimize Customer Service
Defining quality standards or revise existing standards in order to make cost efficient business-customer equation, is key to the success of the service. YCG offers service planning, review and certification processes to ensure an efficient, quality, and simplified as possible.

Design of marketing tools
Define and design product strategy (mix of plans) that the company markets its marketing area (regional, national), zone pricing strategy, diversity of services, policy fees and awards for sales force is key for success in this market. YCG provides the tools to design the best mix of plans to improve the company\'s competitiveness in the market.

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