Welcome to Ygeia Consulting Group

Our company consists of a multidisciplinary group of professionals specialized in the actuarial, marketing and medical areas, whose objective is to offer specialized consulting services that fully meet the needs of both private and public health participants.

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Our Services

actuarial medica marketing

The Actuarial Division of YCG focuses mainly on the dynamic balance between income and future commitments. In pursuit of the same, it works in the population analysis and consumption of health services of the client, in order to adjust their income, establish specific reservations, identify needs for improvement in the management of the expenditure and/or achieve greater efficiency in the investment of available resources.

  • Definition of the income equation
  • Coverage of risks
  • Constitution of specific reservations
  • Development of databases
  • Simulations of costs
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Development of models of costs and rates

The Medical Division of YCG provides consulting services and advice on issues related to health services.

  • Health services management
  • Reduction of medical cost
  • Reengineering of areas
  • Profile of demand
  • Articles of medical interest
  • Management of medicines
  • Special programs
  • Medication and High Cost Lower Incidence (HCLI) manuals
  • Medical advice for lawyers
  • Case management

The YCG Marketing & Product Division provides services of analysis and strategic advice in the commercial introduction and operating health services companies.

  • Strategic analysis of market (direct and indirect competition)
  • Design and implementation of health plans tailored to the needs of the client
  • Pricing policies
  • Optimize customer service
  • Design tools of marketing for the marketing of products